Exciting Blogging News: Monthly Motivation

Hey, friends. Happy Thursday to you. Hope this week is going well [mine is because family time is super close this weekend]. Maybe this post will add a lil something to your week. Most of you won’t know this, but I met one of my besties via blogging. Yup, Lynn of Dispositive Motion is my BOFF [Best Online Friend FOREVER]. We connected quickly on our views of life, family, fun and of course fitness.

While both of us THRIVE when we’re active and eating healthy we both go about our workout routines different ways. she is a busy working lawyer mama of the cutest lil girl [I heart lil E], wife and twirling teacher so her workout schedule is much more limited than mine since I basically live at the gym and teach fitness classes. And you know what? that’s honestly the BEST thing ever. Because we get to ask each other questions, change up our routines and learn from one another.

We also get to hold each other accountable and on days where it’s all BLAH we get to motivate each other to stay healthy. Which is where the idea of our Monthly Motivation linkup was born.

Join us on the FIRST TUESDAY of every month for a dose of Monthly Motivation. Starting June 5th, we will be hosting a linkup to help set your monthly healthy living goals. The linkup will be all about sharing tips, tricks, food planning, workout planning and just talking about how you stay motivated each month. Share your favorite food ideas for adults and kids and just cheer each other on as we reach for our goals. Lynn and I are so excited and we can’t wait to see you on June 5th!



Fitness Friday: Barre Burner

Good morning and happy Friday, friends. It is a happy Friday here, as I am home with my family, including my darling baby niece. Last night was a long drive from Tennessee, but it was 100% worth it when I cuddled the precious lil girl.

Since I won’t be at my gym this weekend, I put together a quick full body barre burner for a sweat like no other. All you need is a set of light hand weights, a timer, space to move and a towel for sweat. BARRE BURNER

This burner is comprised of nine compound moves, which should each be completed for :30-:45 seconds each. Take :10 seconds of rest between each move and look to complete the entire series 3-5 times.  Check out my Instagram [PINKYFIT321] for video!

1] Releve with 45 degree arm lift: Heels together in first position, weights turned 45 degrees and starting at the ribs. Lift the weights up to shoulder height as you raise up on your tip toes into a releve. Return to the beginning position and repeat.

2] Right lunge with overhead press: Step your left foot back and bring your elbows to ninety degrees at shoulder height. Drop your back knee down into a lunge and press the weights up overhead. Return to the beginning position and repeat.

3] Left lunge with face pull back: Step your right foot back and bring your weights in front of you with straight arms shoulder height. Using your shoulder blades, pull the weight back towards your face as you drop your back knee down to the floor. Return to the beginning position and repeat.

4] Second position grand plie with hammer curl: Step into a wide second plie weights in front of you, turned in a hammer grip. Sink down into a grand plie squat, as you stand lift the weights to your chest in a curl. Return to the beginning position and repeat.

5] Reverse fly with left side leg lift: Bring your weights in front of you, facing them towards each other. Step your left foot out to the side and hinge slightly forward at the waist. Simultaneously lift your leg up and lift the weights to the side stopping at shoulder height. Return to the beginning position and repeat.

6] Front raise with right side leg lift: Weights in front of the body, knuckles facing forward, right leg out to the side, hinging forward at the waist. Simultaneously lift the weights up in front of you to shoulder height as you lift the leg up to the side. Return to the beginning position and repeat.

7] Tricep kickball with left back leg lift: Step feet together, hinging forward at the waist. Step your left foot back behind you and bring your elbows back and up 90 degrees towards the ceiling. As you extend the weights straight back behind your, lift your left leg off the floor. Return to the beginning position and repeat.

8] Row with right back leg lift: Step feet together, hinging forward at the waist. Then step your right leg back behind you. Let the weights hang down at your side, then using your shoulder blades and back muscle bring them up to shoulder height as you lift your leg off the ground behind you. Return to the beginning position and repeat.

9] Releve with slow front arm circles: Heels together in first position, palms turned out in front of you as you hold the weights. Lift your weights to the side in a slow circular motion, stopping above your head as you raise up into a releve with your feet.

Let me know if you give it at try. #burnbabyburn

Is This All Worth It?


Stream of consciousness coming at you today, friends. Maybe it’s something you want to read, maybe it’s not. No worries, just getting vulnerable here. Raw. Time to get raw.

This week has been hard. Aggressively hard. Too much to do in too little time. Asking my body to work harder than it should for longer than it needs. A mound of yeses drowning me day by day. Hour by hour ticking away and NOTHING but wheels turning. Somehow everything snuck up on me so quickly and from Sunday night to Monday morning my mood shifted, my brain slowly shut down and my will to do fight on drained away. Teaching each class a different way to engage everyone is tough. Multiple formats and multiple subs make my head spin. Too much. Too much. Too much.

Tuesday was an all out beast of a day with four classes, training clients, working extra shifts at the gym, then dinner with a friend leaving town, all with the knowledge I had to be up to teach a 6am class the next morning. Happy face on I tried to push through. I tried to sub out a class to breath, but no one would help me. I tried to find happy in the small moments. Tried to seek out moments to recenter but it wasn’t happening.

Slowly this feeling of hopelessness ate away at my joy. At my love of fitness. At my dream of making fitness my FULL TIME. At making a difference, because that’s why I’m passionate about fitness. I want people to feel better about working out. About exercising. About feeling healthy. I want to teach people how to move their bodies so they can conquer things they never dreamed. But. But. But. It’s not working out. It’s so hard to convince people to pay me to teach them. Trying to flip clients via social media. Via walking around the gym. Just engaging people in the concept of PT is a trail because everyone just sees dollar bills, not what they will gain. Not enough. Not enough. Not enough.

I texted friends and then broke down crying to Lynn because I just couldn’t hold it together. Being a YES girl is in my blood. Who I am. How I was raised. What I want to be. But, I realized being the yes girl doesn’t mean others will say yes to you. Which hurts. Which changes perspectives. Which makes me feel icky. Lynn reminded me it is okay to say NO. It is okay to say no multiple times. To not always be the yes girl. To value myself more. Which is true. I need to make sure I’m okay so I can give my best to others.

So I had a good cry. Had a good breakfast and chat with a friend. Taught another class. Worked the front desk and finally found a YES person for my evening class. Then it became time for me. A bath. A book. A candle. Mac and cheese. Salad. Water. A nonsense television show. Writing this blog post. Face timing with my family. Recharge. Sweet beautiful recharge.

Now I am ready again. I am ready for the eight hour drive to Virginia tomorrow afternoon. I am ready to figure out a business plan for my dream. I am ready to discern what my correct path is at the moment. I am ready to sleep. Breathe in a new day and exhale joy for others.

To those who reached out, thank you. I love your support and your friendship. And to those reading now, thank you for being here to champion my words and give them meaning.

Monday Motivation: NEW HIIT ROUTINE

Good morning, friends. How are you today? Did you enjoy a great weekend? Ours was filled with some friend time, sleep, lots of house work, new tables built, car washing, blog planning and no working out. Crazy, right?

Not really. I usually schedule the weekends as OFF days, unless I’m subbing, since I rarely have a day off during the week. My body is one which needs days off to stay on plan I definitely need time off as this coming week is a bit bananas. My normal class schedule, a few extra class, working extra shifts at the gym and fingers crossed fitting in my own workouts, too.

Failing to plan is planning to fail, so I’ve map out my work/workouts Sunday evening. This allows me to PLAN time for myself and to make it similar to a meeting with someone else. PSA: You and your work outs are just as important as meeting a friend for dinner or drinks.

Check out this quick, HIIT routine I created if you’re looking for something new. I posted a video *HERE* on my Instagram account if you’re more of a visual learner. You’ll need a timer, mat, wall and a stool or bench for tricep dips. HIIT WORKOUT

*DISCLAIMER: Honor your body if you have any injures and make sure to check with a doctor if you are unsure if you should be working out.*

There are three SETS, with decreasing number of moves. Do EACH move for :30 seconds then immediately move on to the next move in the set. Make sure you take your rest at the end of each set. If you’re just starting out try one time, those who are more advanced can repeat up to four rounds.


High Knees: Jumping of the balls of your foot, alternate raising your knees to hip height. Use your arms for momentum and brace your core for stability. If jumping hurts, alternate driving your knees up toward your chest.

Pushups: Bring your hands outside the mat, similar to plank position. Lower your chest down to your elbow height then push back up to your starting position. You can do these on your knees or against the wall.

Wall Sits: Have your back against your wall, feet in front of you. Slowly lower down to a squat keeping your back against the wall. Hold for 30 seconds.

Low Ab Raise: Lay down on your back and lift your legs straight up in the air, over your hips. Using your lower abs, lift your low back off the floor like you are trying to stamp your feet on the ceiling.

In/Out Squats: Feet underneath you with soft knees, jump the feet wide and squat down. Immediately jump back in, keeping soft knees. If you do not like the jumping, you can side step and squat down.


Plyo Lunge: Begin in a lunge position, right foot forward with both knees at 90 degrees. Front knee over front ankle, back heel lifted. As you start to stand, JUMP up in the air and switch your left foot from the back to the front, landing in a lunge position 90/90 with your knees. Continue alternating. If jumping does not feel good, alternate stepping your feet backwards to a lunge position.

Plank Jack: Start in a plank position, hands under your shoulders, flat back on your knees or toes with feet straight behind you. Jump your feet out wide, like a jumping jack, then bring them back in behind you. Core engaged, butt down. If you need just alternate taping one foot to each side.

Tricep Dips: Using a bench or a stool, sit down with your fingers behind you, facing forward, knees bent. Lift your butt off the bench and keeping your back close to the bench, bring your butt towards the floor as you bend your elbows. Straighten them to lift back up.

Side Lunges: Start with your feet together, toes forward, hands on hips. Step your right foot to the right, keeping your knee over your middle toes and setting your hips back. Step back in and repeat on the left. Core stays tight the entire time.


Squat Lifts: Heels outside your hips. Squat down, trying to get your butt to your knee line. As you rise up, come up to your toes lifting your arms up like you’re reaching to the sky. Repeat.

Push Up to Side Plank: Hands under your shoulders on knees or toes. Bring your chest down to elbow height and push back up to plank position. Bracing your core lift your right are up as you twist to your right, stopping the elbow over the shoulder. Repeat pushup then turn to the left. If you need drop the inside knee to the ground on the twist.

Jumping Jacks: Heels down as you jump and press your knees out over toes. If you don’t want to jump, you can squat low and tap side to side.

I hope you enjoy and let me know if you try it out. 3, 2, 1 get your move on!

Fitness Friday: Introduction & Question

Happy friday, friends. The end of the week is so nice, right? I’m always a huge fan of a busy week being behind me, even though I’m always grateful for a chance to work and do what I love.

If you’ve been on Instagram or read Fitness blogs, you’ll have heard the term “Fitness Friday”. Everyone has a different definition and today I’m trying to figure out exactly what I want my Fitness Friday posts to cover. Workouts? Explaining new fitness terms? Is it a weekly thing? A monthly one? Do I even try and cover nutrition?

Here is were y’all come in. Let me know what you would want to see. What you might enjoy reading every so often in this space. I have some thoughts brainstorming but am always open to suggestions.

Before I go, I thought I’d leave you with something funny. Because today is Friday, so happy funny fitness Friday to you!

321 get your move on!

I promisE i am a lot nier-2


Trying This Again

Maybe this time it will stick? Maybe? I hope!

I’ve neglected this space because, life. Because fear. Because I just didn’t know where I wanted it to go and if I could make it into anything.

Today I’m trying again. I’d rather try and post and just move on, rather than wonder what if? Will this be a small lil space inspiring anyone? I hope. Could it grow bigger? One can wish.

My plan is to post three times a week, breaking down my workouts [to hold me accountable], introducing moves of the week [to help people learn more about fitness], sharing information coming out in the fitness world and sometimes sharing just my life.

Doable? YES! I say, yes!

I hope you’ll come along. Now 3, 2, 1, get your move on :)!

A Reintroduction of Sorts

Oh, hello again. Yes, after three months I am back to this lil space of mine. With big news. You are NOW reading the blog of a NASM CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER! YES, I PASSED MY EXAM, cue the angels singing, party kazoos and confetti.


While that kind of celebration may seem a bit excessive to you, it is all I can do NOT to keep telling everyone I’m a certified personal trainer. You see, this wasn’t my first time taking the exam. Back in June I took the test [with only two weeks of preparation] and failed by four points. It was miserable leaving the testing center and telling my husband and family was embarrassing. I take full responsibility for not taking the exam seriously and allowing life to get in the way of studying properly.

After the failure I took beat, set an intention and repurchased [ouch!] the exam and study guides. A fellow fitness friend told me about the NASM app and it became my new best friend. Slow and steady became my mantra with the textbook and materials and slowly but surely I began to understand the content.

Setting the test date came next and then it was basically bunker down and study during all of my free time. Thankfully my 9-5 job is pretty chill and I was able to knock out a lot of studying during the day, especially with the app. As the date approached my nerves grew. I almost pushed back the exam because I was so worried about failing again, but my husband and family talked me down.

September 14th arrived, I walked in, took the exam and left with a passing grade. Cue the tears of gratitude. The first step to my dream of fitness as a full time job can finally be checked off and I’m unbelievably excited to start moving forward. Failing sucked, but it made the passing just a big sweeter in the end.

Why am I telling you this? To inspire you to reach for something, even if it seems daunting or too hard. This exam was so outside my comfort zone and talents but I got it done. Set your goals, work for them and then go out there and crush them, friends. It make take  few tries, but it’s worth it.

3, 2, 1 get your move on!

A Weekend Away For Play

Hey, kitkats! What’s shaking today? I’m trying to get off the struggle bus and into the week as quickly as possible this morning. We spent the weekend away and the struggle is real. I know if you mope and whine it only makes things worse so I’m trying to get my head right and get settled into the Monday morning routine as quickly as possible. Oooooooooookay, so I tried to get settled in quickly but unexpected turns at work have me a lil all over the place and frustrated. Oh well, time to just roll with the punches right?

This weekend my husband and I visited his family at a lake house not too far away from our place. It was a wonderful time and I enjoyed the unplug from the phone. We hung out on the lake, took boat rides, played cards late into the night and ate delicious food. Too much processed food landed this girl in bummerville Saturday night as my body did NOT like all the sweets and carbs. Oh well, lesson learned right?


Oh, I also got a hair cut this weekend and am LOVING the fresh new look,. What do you think, friends?IMG_4932

I had two workouts over the weekend, both on Saturday. It was a double header of teaching BODYCOMBAT followed by BODYPUMP. Last week was full on crazy with teaching and my body REALLY needed the rest on Sunday, so being away was just what the doctor ordered.

Workouts for the week: Right now most of my workouts are classes when I teach because I have yet to get back into the vibe of morning workouts. I know, I know, I need to get back in the groove, but 5am comes so early. Anyway, I have four BODYPUMP classes and one BODYATTACK class on tap for the week and then a kickball tournament this weekend. There will be lots of foam rolling this week for sure.

What do you have planned for this week’s workouts? Did you do anything awesome over the weekend? Wishing you the best week.

3, 2, 1, get your move on!

Friday Faves

Hey hey friends! How are you doing? Anyone else as excited as me it’s Friday? Thankfully this week hasn’t been too tough, just a lot of teaching, new routines for food and getting ready for the weekend. Here are some favorites from the week.

+I’m getting my haircut today and I’m so excited. Your girl is in need of some new highlights and maybe a new style. I’m thinking of going short, what do you think?

+Sleep has been so much better for me this week after my acupuncture appointment on Monday. Le Husband found the office and even though I’ve only had one session I am stoked about our acupuncturist. She is so knowledgeable and welcoming and really helpful. Acupuncture is incredible, if you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you do.

+We have a lake visit planned this weekend and I can’t wait for fun in the sun.

+My boss is out of town today so that means I can listen to music at my desk. I need to learn the new BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, BODYATTACK and SPRINT for launch next month.

+New to me podcasts are keeping me sane on my commute to and from work. I’m always up for learning about new ones, so leave me a message with ones you are loving at the moment.

+Smoothies for and afternoon pick me up have been my jam. Love getting good protein and greens mixed with a lil fruit.

+I ordered some new sports bras and a new LES MILLS shirt from reebok, woop!

What are some of your favorites from the week? Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

3, 2, 1 get your move on!

We Just Met, But Can I Be Honest?

Yeah, I’m going to be that person. The one you just met who decides to just blurt her issues out right away. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call this and issue, more of a “this is what’s going on in my world, can you relate?” connection. But, you be the judge.

I’ve always identified myself as an athlete and a fit person. Never really had the six pack abs because, food [which is a whole other post coming your way soon], but I’ve always been athletic. When we moved to Tennessee from Virginia my ONE paying job was teaching BODYPUMP classes at various Gold’s Gyms. Which meant I was teaching as much as possible and spending a lot of time at the gym working on my fitness. Cue a year later and I am not certified in five different classes and teach four days a week.

However, it wasn’t until I realized fatty foods inflamed my gallbladder that I really found my leanness. Was this a healthy leanness? No, no it was not. I couldn’t ingest healthy or unhealthy fats without serious pain radiating through my body. I solely consisted on carbs, lean proteins and a few veggies. Crazy how quickly pain can help curb that self control.

Here’s me the day before surgery, back on May 3rd 2017.


And this is me the day after surgery, May 4th 2017

Little bit of a difference huh? I was so sad about my poor lil belly. It was so bloated, angry and upset for a week after surgery. And then I was finally able to eat all the food, so I did. All the burgers, shakes, Menchies, cheese [oh I missed cheese], olive oil, avocados, Menchies and did I mention ice cream yet? I gave myself two weeks to enjoy life then Le Husband [as he will be known here] and I did a semi-Whole30 to get back on track.

Whole foods helped me feel better internally and got my cravings for real food back on track, but my body is still looking post surgery. I’m not sure what brought this on out here, honestly. I’m almost back in cardio pre surgery shape, I’ve found my groove teaching again and I’m feeeeeeeeeeeling really good. Frustrating when the outside doesn’t quite match the inside huh?

Check out a then and now: left is pre surgery and right is today


The girl on the left was more comfortable with her body. The girl on the right is living a fuller life. Why can’t I get my brain to understand this change is okay? I think part of my issue is I’m going to be in a bathing suit for the first time since surgery this weekend and I’m more self conscious about my scares and figure than I originally expected. The girl on the left would have had no issues in a bathing suit because she was lean and knew she looked fit. The girl on the right is working on her comeback and no one can tell how hard she is working looking at her.

Does anyone get where I’m coming from? Anyone out there have issues matching their brain with their emotions? I am beyond thankful a surgery was a fix to my problem with only three lil scars. I’m grateful I was able to jump back into teaching so quickly. I understand where and why the changed happened to my body, it’s not a surprise. I just wish I could fall back into shape as quickly as I fell out, ya know?

Anyway, this post is partly a chance to show anyone reading that even though I’m passionate about fitness I still struggle and don’t have all the answers. It is partly to get these thoughts out of my head and onto a space where they can sit instead of taking hold of me and my emotions. I’ve learned letting it out is very cathartic and find I can move on quicker if I don’t hold things inside.

Can you relate to this post? Is there something marinating in your head you need to get out? How do you overcome the emotional body image issue when it strikes? Tell me in the comments.

Hope you have a great day!

3, 2, 1, get your move on today < 3